What is the role of Ambien in treating patients with Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is quite difficult to deal with as there is no proven treatment available but can be controlled to an extent with the help of medications. One such medication is Ambien, a highly potent hypnotic and a sedative. Ambien is very useful in treating insomnia. But of late, many physicians have realized that the drug can be used in treating Parkinson’s disease due to its soothing properties and doctors have also prescribed and suggested to buy generic ambien as online stores sell the pills at a cheaper rate. Continue reading this article to know how Ambien helps one with Parkinson’s disease to recover soon.

Efficacy of Ambien in treating PD

Ambien modifies the gamma-aminobutyric acid, shortly known as GABA, and has the generic name Zolpidem. It can help one to fall asleep sooner than they can think in a matter of fewer than fifteen minutes. That’s how Ambien is able to treat PD as it acts on the chemicals in the brain to create a soothing effect. When the dopamine levels in the brain drop down, patients are bound to experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The exact cause of the disease is unknown but the disease aggravates in a person with age.

PD is associated with damage of the cells in the brain or certain inactive nerve cells. Ambien can reactivate those cells or can help to ignite the dead or sluggish cells to spark making the person feel better. The drug has a safer report with better results and fewer complications. Also, it produces less daytime symptoms than the older medications. With these wonderful effects on the patient, Ambien can awaken them off their PD symptoms and slowly pave way for improvement.

Generally, people with PD have more sleep disruptions than other people of the same age group without the Parkinson’s disease. Few people do not have trouble falling asleep but wake up often in the night or while sleeping. Their sleep routine is not normal due to this disturbed sleep pattern and thus they become different than before with brain damage and deprived sleep.  Ordering Ambien and consuming the drug will settle this sleep deprivation and slowly the PD patient happens to get treated with the medicine.

Ambien can help treat PD – How true is it?

Ambien was initially used only for treating insomnia. But later, research proved that the drug can also be given to treat Parkinson’s disease as it has essential sedative properties. It was very difficult for the doctors to believe that Ambien can be given to PD patients, but researchers brought the stability of Ambien in efficiently dealing PD patients. Therefore, a person who suffers from Parkinson’s disease can be treated with Ambien but only with and under medical supervision.

The doctor has to analyze the patient’s medical history and response to the current medications. Only if the PD patient is tolerable to the drug, he/she can take Ambien. This can be confirmed only after several laboratory and medical tests. The drug acts differently in different patients and hence it should not be thought of as a complete cure as it can only help one to do better and not completely treat PD.

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