What is the best dosage of Klonopin to treat panic disorders?

klonopin 1mg for panic disorderIt is commonly used to treat a number of anxiety conditions, one among them being panic disorders. The frequency and recurrence of every panic attack can be immensely exhaustive for the patient both physically and psychologically unless suitable treatment is sought. While it is known to have therapeutic effects for panic disorder conditions, many persons may not be familiar with the dosing information and may wonder which Klonopin dosage is the best one for treating panic disorders. More on this is discussed below.

Before seeing the best Klonopin dosage in detail, it could be useful to understand that this information will only help in understanding the drug better. All users should only follow the dosage instructions provided by the healthcare provider. Taking the drug course in the right way helps in managing the disorder condition well without any unnecessary health complications. Read on to see which dosage is the ideal one for treating panic disorders.

Klonopin dosing information for panic disorders

The use of any medication is decided on based on the severity of the condition and also the patient’s response to the drug. The same holds true for Klonopin as well. Understanding the dosage protocol for panic disorder will help to find out which dosage is the best one. To begin with, this disorder patient is started on 0.25mg of the drug. This dose may gradually increase to 1mg over the next few days. A study demonstrated that 1mg in a day was the optimum dose for the best effects of the medication. The same study established that higher doses of 2mg, 3mg or 4mg did not in any way prove to be more effective than the 1mg dose. Besides, higher doses exponentially increased the risk of side effects, drug dependence, and tolerance. There may be cases where the user may truly benefit from taking up to 4mg Klonopin in a day.

From the dosing information presented above it is easy to quickly conclude that the best dosage is 1mg. This may seem like the ideal dose but ultimately the best Klonopin dose depends on the user and the severity of the problem for which this drug is used.

What should I know about taking Klonopin for panic disorders?

In order to fully benefit from taking this anti-anxiety drug, it is advised to adhere to the dosing instructions. This would help tremendously in bringing the panic disorder symptoms under control. You should also take help of the doctor when discontinuing Klonopin so that the dose is tapered in the right way. Abruptly stopping the intake of Klonopin could result in severe withdrawal symptoms. Provide the doctor the complete information regarding existing health problems and other drugs being taken at the time of getting the prescription. Those who become pregnant while on this drug should get the doctor’s help to stop taking the drug. Take the dose as directed for best results.

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