Carly, 56 years

My daughter is 26 years old and she was suffering from panic disorder for quite some time. My family doctor prescribed her with Klonopin which she had to take for about a month. Upon completion of the treatment course, she was doing well and she efficiently overcame panic attacks in due time.

Richard, 39 years

I take Klonopin 5mg twice a day in order to treat the seizure disorder I am suffering from. Because of this medicine, my seizures are under control.

Nielson, 44 years

I was initially hesitant to take Klonopin 5mg for treating my panic and seizure disorders. However, upon persistent recommendation from my doctor, I finally took the med and now I am free from seizures. I also no more feel panic.

Daisy, 63 years

I am thankful for having taken Klonopin. Due to my old age, my panic disorders were aggravating. But as I took the pill for a week, I was feeling better as I was steadily overcoming my panic attacks.

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