Anxiety, Depression and its treatment

anxiety and depressionAnxiety is that fearful dreary feeling that’s normal and common to many. People easily feel anxious when writing an exam, appearing for an interview, meeting a stranger, doing a challenging task or while traveling alone. These feelings develop during the aforementioned events and gradually disappear in few minutes or hours. Once you are out of those events, you forget them and slowly start back your regular chores.

Yet these anxious feelings can sometimes leave you with shattering experiences as depression is caused due to irrational anxious feelings. Your fears or worries might distract your thoughts and you begin to lose concentration. They start intruding with your daily activities and make you feel mentally stressed. Though this kind of worrisome feelings does exist as part of your everyday life, do not allow them to protrude and make you become a victim of depression.

How anxiety and depression differ from each other:

Many people often feel the combined symptoms of both anxiety and depression. So it becomes unclear as to what exactly they have, whether anxiety or depression. The below briefing can aid you in figuring out the differences between the two and treat yourself accordingly.

Anxiety: Anxious persons go through a series of mixed feelings like fear, worry, doubtfulness, emotional and physical stress etc. Yet these feelings are quite normal if they don’t appear often and fade away in due time. But when you are concurrently in thoughts of vulnerability and are carried away with constant and unimportant worries, you may develop anxiety where the repetition of anxious thoughts and hot flashes interrupt you most of the time.

Depression: Person who is not feeling normal due to the repetitive anxious feeling is bound to suffer from depression. Depressed people often have negative thoughts and emotions running in their mind. They envision that future things will be going bad and that they are already a loser. They feel sad most of the time and are always occupied with random unwanted thoughts. As a result, they lose interest in their work, go through disturbed sleep pattern and develop suicidal thoughts.

How anxiety and depression can affect your lifestyle:

A normal person can manage multiple jobs efficiently and productively. But a person who is either going through the anxiety disorder or is suppressed with negative thoughts will not be able to produce the same result. This is mainly due to the fact that both of these people lack concentration and seem worried most of the time with less or no hope in good things or for the nearing future.

Major depression changes your lifestyle and causes a drastic impact on the quality of your life. Therefore you develop a series of health issues. Anxiety disorders that become bipolar disorders can even attack your central nervous systems if not treated properly or at the right time. Your digestive and cardiovascular systems also begins to function slowly and with complications. There is a chance that your immune system can also get weakened to worst conditions if you are not following your therapy properly. Individuals who have put on weight as a result of anxiety are advised to undergo weight loss exercises to shed extra pounds.

Treatment Options with suggested drugs:

Those suffering from anxiety disorders and depression should immediately consult a doctor either a psychiatrist or a professional therapist who can change your thought process with follow up plans for you to practice with. In addition, your psychotherapist might also prescribe drugs like below for you to recover from the disorder and make you active and occupied like before.

Anxiety: Drugs like Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin and Valium that falls under the class benzodiazepines have been helpful in treating the anxiety disorders.

Depression: Lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac and certain SSRI’s like Brintellix are all the drugs that assist in treating depression. Tetracyclic antidepressants and older tricyclic antidepressants also help in healing a depressed person.

Though you have many more drugs available online, your doctor will prescribe the right drug for you which will suit right for your body and your disorder conditions. Depression can also be treated naturally with natural depression therapies so that you dont get addicted to medicines.

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